We are so excited to announce that we are now offering SNS nail powder manicures in our nail salon at our Central Austin location! We have been asked for a while why we don’t offer SNS, and the answer was simple: It’s not sanitary! Until NOW!


If you haven’t heard of SNS, or aren’t sure what it is, you’re in for a treat! SNS nail powder is a durable yet lightweight alternative to acrylic nails and gel polish. Its longer lasting and stronger than gel polish and it dries in just a few minutes without a UV light. SNS nail powder also doesn’t fade or chip, and there is no strong odor, like with old-school acrylic monomers.  The SNS powders contain Vitamins A, E, B5, and D and calcium to fortify and protect nails AND they avoid toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. You won’t need an acidic primer coat on your nails either.

So why haven’t we had it before now? Because the typical application of SNS powder includes dipping your entire fingertip into a container of powder… The same container that the last client’s fingers were dipped into. Talk about cross contamination! But we found an alternate solution! With the Kiara Sky recycling system, the powder used on your nails never touches the powder used on the last client, making it completely sanitary! Instead of dipping your nail in a container of powder, the powder is dusted over the top of your nail. We also found hand files strong enough to tackle the SNS powder, so no need to worry about a nick from an electric file during your manicure. Now you can get the long-lasting strength and look of SNS powder in your favorite spa!

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